Highest Quality
Engineered in GERMANY

Advantages of the curfboard® truck
compared to other surf-skate and carving trucks:

– Perfect Control And Precise Response
– No Speed Wobbles
– No Wheel Bites At Even The Most Radical Turns
– No Adjustment Of Rubbers Or Springs Needed
– No Wear And Replacement Of Rubbers Or Springs
– Lower Distance To The Ground
– Less Weight, Total Only 3,0 Kg / 6,6 Lbs
– Self-regulating And Self-adjusting To The Riders
Driving Style And Weight
– Highest Quality, Design And Engineering In Germany

This is SICKWAVE hybrid surf and skate truck.
This truck is a system that does not have a spring – the axle soleley rotates around a set of bushings. you can pump with this truck and do maneuvers just like on a surf board it feels even more stable than others With the SICKWAVE pumping and generating speed is easy. Even pumping uphill is possible. The truck has a sharp turning radius that allows for turns